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To learn about the fascinating Sherry wines world

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To learn about the fascinating Sherry wines world, we will not only talk about wines. Jerez is the oldest region in Spain in the production of wines.

The treasure of Jerez

It has a tradition of a hundred years of history, so to go beyond the threshold of one of its wineries is to enter a mysterious and fascinating world where you can find the roots of this region.

Sherry is one of the great treasures of Spain for wine lovers. The wines of the Jerez region are absolutely wonderful. Intense and complex wines and especially special for their system of aging in soleras.

To begin to understand this great wine it is essential to approach them from a cultural point of view and for this there is no better way to do it than visiting a winery,

In this tour we will visit one of these temples of wine to observe with the care with which it is still produced, the culture that moves and the magic of its ancient soleras.

The winery is a fascinating and unique space in which you can feel the soul of these wines just walking between their soleras and stepping on the floor of albero.

For me the wine of Jerez is a unique wine, it is the great Spanish wine par excellence even though it is still the great unknown by many. It is the wine with the greatest capacity to face any gastronomy. They are so versatile as to start any menu with sherry and finish it with sherry. To combine them with any dish is possible and there are pairings so perfect that under my point of view they manage to elevate them to be the best wines in the world.

We will visit one of its vineyards , where we can appreciate the special characteristics of the albariza land, exclusive of the Jerez framework. The well-known triangle of Sherry.

We will make a gastronomic route in which we will make very special tapas pairings with the main wines of the route.

After this route you will know how to distinguish the different sherry wines and some pairings with them. You can have a pretty clear idea of the system of raising in soleras. And above all you will get a very special vision of this Andalusian region.

You will have taken a great leap in your wine culture as the sherry in it acquires a leading role. Being one of the great protagonists in the exciting world of wines.

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