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I invite you to know this feeling of being from the south.

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I invite you to know this feeling of being from the south, and I am convinced that by choosing this safe route you will find life differently.

The Tabancos

You will find a different philosophy of life in the south of Spain. In t his corner of the world , we feel not just as a place, we can feel it as something that we feel inside, it is an optimistic attitude towards life. For most of the Andalusians, life goes on outside, sharing moments with friends. We are in the habit of looking for parties for the season, and we are experts in stopping the time to celebrate anything.

There is cultural insights in this region. Drink a sherry in the aperitif anywhere is a custom in our lifestyle and if you are in the city of Jerez the ideal is to do it in an old tabanco, In this place you can take a sherry as you did centuries ago, directly from the barrel. In addition to good wine and good tapas you can also find the best flamenco and great gatherings.

I am a lover of Jerez and the city that gives it its name, so I invite you to come with me to visit the oldest Tabancos with more character…

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