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Jerez is the capital of wine, the horse and crandle of flamenco

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There are few places in Spain which can lay recognition enjoyed by Jerez. . Thanks to its wine ” sherry” or Jerez the equestrian tradition. Jerez is the capital of wine, the horse and crandle of flamenco. We will complete our day with these elements what are part of its soul.

The Soul of Jerez

Visit the famous Royal Equestrian School to see the ” Dancing Horses”.

In this tour we can know its history, it is by the hand of its wines. From the 16th centuries the towns experienced an enormous economic boom in particular with the trade wine sector. We will enter Jerez that only Jerez people know. Jerez that resolves around the fascinating world of theses wines and the influence they have had in the city. We taste these delicious fortified wines.

We will discover the secret Tabancos , where flamenco and wines merge making a perfect pairing.

In them we will discover the tapas that have more tradition among locals.

We will end our tour drinking coffee in magnificent palatial homes.

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