• María Muñoz Melero
  • June 19, 2019

Breakfast in Vejer

Breakfast in Vejer

Awakening in Vejer is the closest thing to follow the wake of your dream. If you are staying in the center of the town, you do not need to get up early to enjoy the silence of its centuries-old streets, its silence will only be altered by the song of the birds that like to wake up every morning. Maybe you meet a local who is always attentive to say good morning and to give you a smile. Most of us live in the new area, where life goes on without too much stress but without the immense peace of its old town.
After welcoming a new day, this town usually does so with the sound of the bells of the parish and most of the days of the year with an intense light under a radiant blue sky, which penetrates the white of its streets until making that the same can not be more pristine, often the question arises of where to have breakfast in Vejer.

If you want to follow the footsteps of the locals, and take the typical breakfast of toast with toast bread, with olive oil, tomato, butter, jams, jamom, various sausages, without missing the loin in butter, (product local of which the vejeriegos feel extremely proud), you have to go to the new zone, in the Avenida Andalucia you will find the Bar Andalucía and the Punto. On San Miguel Avenue The Roio Bar. They are veterans in terms of giving breakfasts and they have always been distinguished for their good work, service and quality.

If you really prefer to have breakfast in the historical center of Vejer, different options usually appear each year. If you want to find a breakfast with a more diverse touch in Spain, La Piccolina offers delicious breakfasts, with fruits, yogurt, omelettes, croissants, and very good coffee. In this same square, if you prefer a more conventional breakfast you have the Peneque Bar, one of those that are already a relic for the town.

If you want to enjoy a breakfast overlooking the African coast in the most photographed street of the town, you will find, ” La juderia”, in the Jewish Quarter, a great restaurant that this year has started to offer breakfasts with a varied menu where in addition to the simple toasts you will find avocado toast, tomato and goat cheese payoya, hummus with roasted peppers in rustic bread, tuna tapenade with tomato jam and many other suggestions.

And if you want to have breakfast in the place with more tradition and more famous for its regional breakfast you have to take the car and go down to the Barca de Vejer. I am talking about Venta Pinto, one of the best restaurants in Cádiz, which began precisely to acquire fame, with its traditional loin sandwich in lard. They have worked so well with this product that it is not surprising that some traveler tells you that they have made a detour on their way to stop at Venta Pinto and have a sandwich with pork loin and then catch some more for the road. . A whole majar that you have to try if you visit Vejer or step by step.

After a good breakfast you will have enough energy to succumb to all the charms you will find in the village. I already tell you that there are many so better to discover them with charged batteries.
I have many secrets left to reveal about Vejer, so see you soon…

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