About me

I am a Tourism Development Agent, I have years of experience in the sector and I am sure that my knowledge will be of great help to make your holiday on the coast of light unforgettable.


I am from Cádiz, one of the most beautiful white villages. For me Cádiz is my particular paradise in the world and I can not find a better way to be happy than sharing my passion for this land with anyone who is interested in knowing it. I would love to share with you my favorite secret places.

To the question of why Cádiz I will tell you, because it is the province with more diversity than you can know in Spain with sea, mountains, marshes, countryside, countryside, natural parks and most importantly preserving the authentic essence of the south.

Here you can live unforgettable moments at the edge of one of its eternal beaches of infinite white and fine sand.

Cádiz is the south of Europe, place of passage of different civilizations leaving their footprints in multiple corners.

It is pure nature, forests full of pines and cork oaks. It is east wind growling to keep the speculation of the brick away from its coast. Mountains dotted with majestic white villages, full of charm with patios laden with pots, castles and churches showing off their streets.

Cádiz is sea, red tuna from its ancient traps, labyrinth of salt marshes and estuary. Dreamlike landscapes painted with vineyards, retinto recesses grazing their fields with thousands of migratory birds stopping in their marshes.

It’s Jerez with its wonderful wines and its Carthusian horses. It is a luxury gastronomy, flamenco, art everywhere but above all Cadiz is a magic light that will fill you with energy and illuminate every moment of an unforgettable trip, as unforgettable will be your sunsets painted watercolor in your memories.

I challenge you to live this experience with me, do you aim? …

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